Month: April 2020

The One Who Led the Child into the thorns (Orakairi Nwata n’ Ogwu). The breaking and restoration of trust between parents and children


Based on African folklore and a chapter on Rupture and Repair by Siegel and HartzellBy: Anselm AnyohaNEWTOWN, Conn. – April 25, 2020 – PRLog — While the oil over the firewood was warming up, his mother Agidi walked over to Ejike and said, “Pound some more.” But Ejike, who was only four years old, had been pounding with the wooden […]

What to Expect in Babies Book Review: Touchpoints – Birth to Three by Berry Brazelton, MD


From the day they are born, babies’ motor movements and their social and emotional abilities steadily unfold and develop alongside their physical appearance. These changes, most of them completely normal, may still concern their mothers and fathers. An alteration in the shape of their baby’s head is an example of physical development that worries parents, […]

Social Distancing in a Solo Pediatric Office: What are you doing in your office?


There is no shortage of instructions from experts, policymakers, and business owners on what to do and what not do to stop the spread of coronavirus. The message is clear on social distancing as one of the remedies. Frequent handwashing, wearing a protective facial mask, sneezing on the inner elbow, and keeping away from others […]