The One Who Led the Child into the thorns (Orakairi Nwata n’ Ogwu). The breaking and restoration of trust between parents and children


Based on African folklore and a chapter on Rupture and Repair by Siegel and HartzellBy: Anselm AnyohaNEWTOWN, Conn. – April 25, 2020 – PRLog — While the oil over the firewood was warming up, his mother Agidi walked over to Ejike and said,

“Pound some more.”

But Ejike, who was only four years old, had been pounding with the wooden pestle for two hours. In response, he leaned the pestle against the bowl and walked out of the kitchen. His mother didn’t notice as she had turned to chop some vegetables.

He opened the wooden door that led into a small cassava Farm–he would rather use his time to look for grasshoppers instead of pounding bean seeds in a wooden bowl.

As he opened the wooden door, his eyes searched the Farm while three loitering birds fled. In hopes of not scaring any grasshopper that might be resting in the grass, Ejike waited a little before taking two steps further. Then he looked again and found a grasshopper.

The grasshopper was sitting still next to some dry, brown leaves on the ground. It wasn’t hard to spot as the surrounding leaves magnified its presence.

Ejike lay down and began gliding towards the grasshopper.

But the hopper had already noticed him! So, as soon as Ejike got close enough, it skipped and perched on the stem of a cassava plant.  A little surprised, yet undeterred, Ejike carefully approached the stem of the cassava plant where the grasshopper had landed.

Ejike’s father, Idoh, had a feeling that something bad was about to happen. He decided to leave early from the market, where he had gone to sell tubers of cassava.

When he got home, the children came running out to greet him. They held out their palms for the goodies which he routinely brought back from the market.

“Where is Ejike?” Idoh asked in a tense and stern tone. Before long, he realized that Ejike had wandered away. Everybody began looking for him. Ejike was in real trouble.

To find out what happened to Ejike, please read the rest of the story with the illustrations at…

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