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Discusses childhood diseases, and displays articles on pediatric diseases such as Asthma, Ear Infection, Strep throat, Head concussion, fever, colic, croup,jaundice and so forth.
Also displays articles on motivation, inspiration, body, mind and souls.

Thirty Pearls of Wisdom


Background These thirty pearls of wisdom were compiled over decades of years. Many were written in the early hours of the morning and during driving trips. While some thoughts are unedited, others underwent weeks of revisions. The thirty pearls are divided into two categories: Living and Conflict. A quote or a comment follows each pearl. […]

Pediatric and Family Participants Wanted


Do you have a newborn or are expecting a baby soon? Do you want to share how you bond and build social-emotional relationships with your newborns? Join other new and expecting parents for a Research Study with Doctor Anselm Anyoha, a board-Certified Pediatrician. Caregivers who qualify will receive a $30 gift card. Caregivers must reside […]

Children During Wars


Some people, like a friend I talked to a couple of days ago, cannot relate to the Russian war in Ukraine. I told him about my personal childhood experience with war and how it affects children in so many ways. Ukrainian children might have the same feelings of anxiety and ambivalence that I felt during […]

Mental health in Children’s Health


When we talk about mental health in children, from two-week-old babies to two-month-old infants or even 3-year-old toddlers, we refer to their emotions, feelings, and social abilities. Infants making great strides in social-emotional health can express their emotions and feelings through smiling, babbling, cooing, gesturing, and giving appropriate hugs. They can also frown, cry, or thrash […]

Book about Empathy


The Journey to Ezido Lake: A Story about Empathy” is now available in both paperback and Amazon Kindle. This new book follows two Nigerian children with two completely different social backgrounds, and beautifully shows that regardless of circumstances, with empathy and understanding, both of their lives can be affected for the better. Newtown, CT – November […]

Ear infections in infants


How to diagnose a 9-month-old cranky infant: Showing clinical students some of my tricks It was about 11:00 in the morning when we finally got to the patient. A mother had been anxiously waiting for us to see her 9-month-old infant who had been refusing to eat and drink. Few things bother mothers more than […]