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Nosebleed in Children


I have always known that nosebleed is a common medical issue that needed some general education, yet for years I kept procrastinating about a discussion on the subject.  Parents worry so much and are frightened when their children bleed from the nose. They come to my medical office with pillowcases and bedsheets stained from a […]

Anemia in Children: Even your aunt can tell when you are anemic – Part 1


Within one week of private medical practice I encountered three children with anemia. One was a seventeen-year-old girl who came to my office for a sports clearance medical examination. She enjoyed playing tennis a lot. When her blood test result came back, her hemoglobin level was 7.8. On speaking to mother, the teen did not […]

I Am Poem


I am special and full of admiration I wonder what it would be like to admire all of life creations I hear my song on the pages of every memoir I see similarity in all life I want to be special, but can’t I am special and full of admiration I pretend I know myself […]