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How University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital [UNTH] Enugu, Killed my Nephew


Following my nephew’s diagnosis of leukemia at UNTH, in Enugu, I requested that the hematology department send a referral note by e-mail to Saint Jude’s, a children’s cancer research hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. This institution is a center of excellence for the condition my nephew had.   Why did I ask for a referral?  […]

Poison ivy picture


          Pictures of itchy streaky rash caused by poison ivy, one on the left forearm, the other on the left cheek Both kids had wandered into the bush to retrieve a soccer ball Both children did well on Hydrocortisone cream and antihistamine. Pictures taken on June, 2015 by Anselm Anyoha MD […]

Jaundice in Newborns


While working at one of the inner city hospitals in New York City, I had the burden of telling a mother that her new born will not go home as planned because baby’s skin is too yellow—jaundiced and that the baby needed to be treated with light {phototherapy}. After hearing my assessment, the mother broke […]

Fever in Children


Fever in children is one of the most common medical symptoms that parents have to deal with. Unlike grown-ups, children seldom announce when they are sick. Some of the clues that can point to fever in children include a decrease in appetite, decrease in activity, chills and feeling warm to the touch. Experienced parents can […]

Save My Village


On December 22, 2014, three days before Christmas, Matt’s journey was slow and seemingly endless. A forty-minute road trip from Owerri to Umuezeaga, his home village, stretched to over three hours. The reasons were obvious. The roads were clogged with vehicles lined up bumper-to-bumper, each diving into valleys and emerging on the mounds of hills […]

Life after Death


Parts of us die every day. Units of us that die daily get reabsorbed into the system in keeping with the majestic order of the universe. For example, our tissues recycle when we lose our hairs, cut our nails, shed some blood or move our bowels.   Deprived of nourishment, these discarded cells and body […]