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Discusses childhood diseases, and displays articles on pediatric diseases such as Asthma, Ear Infection, Strep throat, Head concussion, fever, colic, croup,jaundice and so forth.
Also displays articles on motivation, inspiration, body, mind and souls.

Life after Death


Parts of us die every day. Units of us that die daily get reabsorbed into the system in keeping with the majestic order of the universe. For example, our tissues recycle when we lose our hairs, cut our nails, shed some blood or move our bowels.   Deprived of nourishment, these discarded cells and body […]

The Other Side of Medical Practice


Physicians lose patients all the time. As a physician, I have also suffered from patients’ dissatisfaction and attrition.   There could be many reasons why patients leave their doctors. Some of the main reasons include presumed doctor’s clinical incompetence, gaps in communication between doctors and their patients or just nonspecific mutual dislikes between a patient […]

Rigidity of Mind


On many occasions my wife had tried to compel me to join suite on ideas she garnered from a variety of sources such as romantic movies. Recently she had said: ‘that actor threw his wife up in the air, how about you throwing me up in the air?’   That got me scratching my head […]