Thirty Pearls of Wisdom



These thirty pearls of wisdom were compiled over decades of years. Many were written in the early hours of the morning and during driving trips. While some thoughts are unedited, others underwent weeks of revisions.

The thirty pearls are divided into two categories: Living and Conflict.

A quote or a comment follows each pearl. Some of the comments are succinct, but others are elaborate. They are designed to make Readers think and evaluate the life they are living, as well as challenge how they see life.

Framework and Beliefs that underlies the thirty pearls: We are all in a dynamic state of living and conflict.

Living is defined as the way we experience life and the lessons learn while living.

Conflict is defined as challenges we encounter while living.

Living Pearls: The 13 Living Pearls

The 13 living pearls include:

  • Life’s Mission
  • Living Life
  • Staying Alert
  • Life and the Universe
  • Our Purpose
  • Funny Life
  • Excuses
  • Wealth and Riches
  • Self
  • Aging, and lastly,
  • The Living and the Dead

Pearl number 1: Life’s Mission

Do not seek what you want to be; seek what you can accomplish.

Pearl number 2: Living Life

If you are not learning from your experiences, you are not living.

Pearl number 3: Staying Alert

Be alert. Never let anyone define who you are.

Pearl number 4: Life and the Universe

Like the universe, life only gets more complex with time.

Pearl number 5: Our Purpose

We are channels through which the universe expresses its will.

Pearl number 6: Path

In the long run, everyone follows their own interests.

Pearl number 7: Excuses

Look for reasons to get things done, not excuses to avoid getting things done.

Pearl number 8: Funny Life

Life is so funny—it is over as soon as you figure it out.

Pearl number 9: Wealth and Riches

There are more wealth resources in the mind than there are on Earth.

Pearl number 10: Self

People think less of themselves than others think of them.

Pearl number 11: Ageing

As we age, it becomes clearer that we cannot control a lot of things, so we let them happen.

Pearl number 12: Dying

A time comes in a man’s life when he discovers what he would die for.

Pearl number 13: The Living and the Dead

Don’t pity the dead; pity the living.

Conflict Pearls: The 17 Conflict Pearls

The 17 conflicts pearls include:

  • Problem-solving
  • Regrets
  • A line
  • Values
  • Glass half empty
  • Advice
  • True love
  • Vanity
  • Doing things
  • Pleasing people
  • Detractors
  • Unappreciative people
  • setback
  • Haters
  • You and the world
  • Space
  • Neck
  • Determination

Pearl number 14: Problem-solving

When something appears too hard, tackle it from the side.

Pearl number 15: Regrets

The things we regret are the things we know we should have done but failed to do.

Pearl number 16: Drawing a line

To draw a line, you must offend someone.

Pearl number 17: Glass half-empty

What we did not do for people is more significant than what we did for them.

Pearl number 18: Advice

People’s advice is based on their lived experiences, and it might not work for you.

Pearl number 19: True love

Someone who truly loves you will forgive all your transgressions.

Pearl number 20: Vanity

Over time, everything becomes useless.

Pearl number 21: Haters

People who hate you will always find a reason to justify their hatred.

Pearl number 22: Doing Things

Everything seems easy after it’s finished.

Pearl number 23: Pleasing People

Why die for anybody when Jesus already died for all?

Pearl number 24: Detractors

Your very best will never be enough for your detractors.

Pearl number 25: Unappreciative People

Make things easy for people, and they think things are easy everywhere they go.

Pearl number 26: Setbacks

Setbacks drive us to up our game.

Pearl number 27: You and the World

If you do not explain yourself, you will often be misunderstood. If you explain yourself, though, you will surely be misunderstood.

Pearl number 28: Space

Giving people space to exist might not be enough—they might want to run you over.

Pearl number 29: Neck

Just because you spared someone’s neck when you should have cut it off does not mean they will spare yours.

Pearl number 30: Determination

Your detractors can delay your progress but should never stop your determination.

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